Xiaomi all set to launch VR Headset soon

Xiaomi is all set to launch Google’s Daydream powered VR Headsets. Xiaomi is regularly expanding their horizons with different types of gadgets. Recently, Xiaomi has launched laptop – Notebook Air in China. The General Manager of Xiaomi, Mr. Tang Mu has confirmed that the company is working on virtual reality (VR) headset. He also confirmed that it would be powered by Google’s Daydream. The rumors are that the VR headset is ready and could be launched as soon as. There are also some rumors of launching the VR headset on 1st August.

Xiaomi VR Headset

Xiaomi VR Headset

When the Google’s Daydream launched, it is not expected that the device will work on any of the current generations smartphones currently available in the market. But, Huawei has announced that the company will launch a Daydream VR capable smartphone by the end of the year 2016. Current smartphones available in the market can’t handle the graphic load of Google’s Daydream and would heat up and would drop frames.

Chinese smartphone company’s ambitions are very clear as they are launching different kind of products in the market like purifiers, bicycles, TV, Notebook Air-Laptop and now VR Headset. There are many companies like OnePlus, HTC, Sony that are offering VR Headsets. So, to stay in this market segment, Xiaomi has to offering high-quality gadgets with aggressive price-tag.

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