Tanmay Bhat mocks Priyaka Chopra’s accent, and got trolled on twitter

AIB’s (All India Bakchod) Tanmay Bhat is back in trend with his tweets of mocking Prinyanka Chopra’s accent. Before this tweet, Tanmay Bhat was in trend for his Snapchat video Sachin V/s Lata: Civil War. In that video he has mimicked Lata mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar vulgarly.

Priyanka Chopra's Reaction to Tanmay Bhat's Tweet

Priyanka Chopra’s Reaction to Tanmay Bhat’s Tweet

Now, this time he has already all set to upset Priyanka Chopra’s fan with his tweet:

However, Supergirl Priyanka Chopra replied with tweet:

Priyanka has taken Tanmay’s comment in jest, but her fans takes it very seriously and Tanmay Bhat has received explosive response from her fans. After trolling over twitter, Tanmay Bhat has tweeted:

Later on Priyanka has tweeted for her fans:

Tanmay Bhat and his group All India Backhod (AIB) used to create controversies by posting such offensive comments, tweets or videos, and be in news for the wrong reasons. But is also true that there are many fans and followers of AIB on youtube.

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