Supreme Court said Rahul Gandhi will have to face trial in defamation case by RSS

NEW DELHI: Supreme Court said Rahul Gandhi will have to face trial in defamation case by RSS. RSS has filed defamation sue against Rahul Gandhi as over his Commented blaming RSS for Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination during Lok Sabha Election 2014. On Tuesday, Supreme Court said that “You can’t make wholesale denunciation of an organization.” Court has also added “If you won’t apologize, you will have to face trial.” Mr. Rahul Gandhi had refused suggestion that he apologies and settle case.

Rahul Gandhi will have to face trial in defamationDuring campaigning for Lok Sabha Election 2014, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has blamed Rashtriya Swayamseva Sangh – RSS for Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. An activist of RSS has filed a defamation sue against Rahul Gandhi. In November, Rahul Gandhi has refused to apologies for his comments. Mr. Kapil Sibal, Rahul Gandhi’s lawyer said to court that he would prefer to fight this case.

The Congress Vice President, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has requested to cancel the lawsuit but Hon’ble Supreme Court announced a hearing on July 27 and cleared that Mr. Rahul Gandhi won’t apologies, he will have to face trial.

A bench of Justice Dipak Mishra and R. F. Nariman said “What we have to see is the petitioner’s allegations come under Section 499 (defamation) of IPC or not. Judgment is already there. You have to face trial, if you don’t express regret.”

Harin Raval, Senior Advocate appeared for Mr. Rahul Gandhi and argued that whatever was said in the speech was on the ground of Government records and on the basis of decision on Punjab and Haryana High Court and Rahul Gandhi wasn’t referring to RSS directly. After pursuing the judgment of Punjab and Haryana High Court, the bench said it only says that Nathuram Godse was an RSS worked and added that Godse killed Gandhi and RSS killed Gandhi both are two different things.


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