After Side Boob Tattoo, Tattoobs on Cleavage going viral on social media

Social media is always viral with some amusing trends. Few days ago, “Side Boob Tattoo” was trending and currently trends of Tattoobs are going viral on social media. You may have different opinion about these tattoobs but it’s true that a lot of courage is needed to draw a tattoo on sensitive part of body like Cleavage.


Beautiful! @thebakery

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Would love to have this! @redwavetattoo #repost #boobtattoo #tattoo #girls #girlstattoo

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In love @susboom_tattoo #tattoo #repost #boobtattoo

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#underboob #tattoo from today 🙂 #devaneytattoos #tats #boobtattoo #womenwithink #firsttattoo

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Tattoos are one of best example of body art where one draws beautiful art on various part of body part. Tattoos can be seen from ancient civilization to modern age. May you have already heard about so many trends of tattoos but you may never have heard about Tattoobs.  In this trends, girls are drawing tattoos on her cleavage. Lotus Flowers, Animal Motifs are most popular tattoobs designs.

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