Sex education in India

I don’t know why but that’s true that India people are often scared of talking about sex. We don’t hesitate to have sex but denies to talk about sex on the ground of our culture. I often saw our parents, teachers and education system used to protect children from sex education. They don’t know or don’t want to know the outcome of that. It would result children get misconceptions about sex from wrong sources. I don’t know what kind of cultural taboo prevents them not to provide sex education to children while we all know sex is necessary for any culture.

Let me clear one thing, sex education doesn’t mean only how to SEX, it’s is instruction on issues relating to human sexuality, including emotional relations and responsibilities, human sexual anatomy, sexual activity, sexual reproduction, reproductive health, reproductive rights, safe sex, birth control and sexual abstinence. Many of us misinterpret sex education with SEX.

Recently, Durex and YouTube channel Y-Films has started web series titled “Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa” to provide sex education and clear all misconception regarding, sex, masturbation, periods, homo sexuality. It is the most unique show of its kind in India. The whole web series is divided in 5 episodes that attempts to demystify sex and themes around sex including masturbation, pregnancy, condoms, periods and homosexuality in a very simple, clean, honest and fun manner. Research clearly shows that sex talk with parents is directly and clearly linked to safer sexual behavior. According to Y-Films, the series has been heavily researched and ratified by some of the foremost medical experts, top hormonal, gynecological doctors of the country. We hope may these web series creates some genuine social impact.

Watch Complete Web series:

The web series tried their best to clear all the misconception about pregnancy, masturbation, condoms, periods in a very funny way. It shows if we don’t educate our children about sex, how they get the misleading and wrong information from wrong sources. In the era of smartphone and tables, when internet comes very handy, children get wrong and misleading information from pornography that will lead to moral and social collapse. Now a day, many parents started to provide sex education to their children and that is really very appreciable. By providing sex education to children, they can avoid teenage pregnancy, abortion, HIV/AIDS infection, even rape also. That’s true, sometimes unawareness about sex leads to rape also. Sex education made our society to have safe sex and healthier life.

Misconception surrounding sex in India:

  • By banning sex education, our children will never find out about sex.
  • Sex Education doesn’t need in India, as we have our moral values, culture and traditions.
  • Sex Education will corrupt the mind of children and it may cause teen pregnancy.
  • Sex Education isn’t for Children, it’s an adult topic and adults learn after marriage.
  • If we teach children about sex, it will cause them to have more sex.
  •  If we teach children about homosexuality, it will make my child also a homosexual.
  • Sex Education doesn’t have any medical benefits.
  • If you have more sex, you will be die.

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