Priyanka Chopra got addicted to ‘Pokemon Go’

Few days ago, Anushka Sharma had posted a video of playing ‘Pokemon Go’ on her Instagram. Now, it’s time for Priyaka Chopra who got addicted to to ‘Gokemon Go’. The actress recently expressed her happiness when she caught her very first Pokemon.


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Hooked But guys PLEASE be careful while playing !! #PokemonGo

A video posted by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma) on

Everybody including children to adult are found playing Pokemon Go all over the world. We had already received many news about many accidents while playing Pokemon Go game. In a very few days of launch of the Game, Pokemon Go becomes the top priority of all the players. It is spreading like a virus and peoples are getting infected with playing Pokemon Go. It’s very amazing to see that the game has made players to do such things that they never done before. People are wondering on the roads, cave, garden everywhere to find out Pokemon.
Not only common people, the game ‘Pokemon Go’ has also infected celebrities and made them addicted to this game. After Anushka Sharma, it’s time for Super Girl Priyanka Chopra to be got addicted to ‘Pokemon Go’. Priyanka Chopra has expressed her happiness by posting a picture on Instagram after capturing her first Pokemon-Pikachu. The Quantico actress caught her first rarest Pokemon ‘Pikachu’ and shared her happiness with her fans by sharing a screenshot on her Instagram.

Ok so I’m officially on board!!! #Pokemongo it is!! Lol

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Priyanka Chopra will be hosting United Nation’s Global Citizen Festival. We hope Piggy Chops enjoy with her Pikachu

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