Official Instagram App available for Windows 10 tablets and PC

Recently, Instagram has launched its official app for the tablets users and computer users running Microsoft Windows 10. Facebook has announced the app in a blog a day before. It is notable as there is no iPad app for Instagram still. Instagram has already launched app for Windows 10 Mobile app in April.

In April, we brought Instagram to Windows 10 Mobile. Now, Instagram for Windows 10 tablets includes all of your favorite features, including Instagram Stories, Direct and Explore. And you’ll be able to capture, edit and share directly from your Windows 10 tablet device.”, said Instagram in its blog.

Although, Windows 10 devices other than tables and smartphones doesn’t have certain features supported such as capturing and uploading videos or photos. According to The Verge, the app requires a touchscreen Windows 10 device to upload content.

Windows 10 is one of most successful operating system by Microsoft as according to Microsoft last month there are 400 million devices running Windows 10.

Instagram is also one of social app which is growing by its users very quickly. Recently, Instagram said it’s active users doubled in two years. According to TechCrunch its monthly active users had hit 500M that is double of its active usage in last two years.

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