After Breakup, Telugu NRI commit Live Suicide on Skype call

YouTube channel titled “Live Videos” has uploaded it’s very first video titled “SHOCKING Live Suicide of a Telugu NRI on Skype call after Breakup with his GIRLFRIEND” just before one day and it’s gone viral on internet. More than two lacks viewer had already seen that video just in 24 hours after being uploaded. It’s trending all social medias and people are sharing the video in Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

The video is showing Skype call between a Telugu NRI boy and his Girlfriend named Nitya Chakravarty as described in the title of the video and Skype Call. The video is recently recorded as the date of computer shows recent date of 08/07/2016. Boy is begging her to forget all thing and saying “He can’t without you”. She disconnects his call but Boy repeatedly call her on Skype . He repeatedly begs for sorry and at the end of video, he just jump down from the windows. After few seconds car siren rings as he may fall on that car, and video just ends.

This video is trending on YouTube has has more than two lacks views within one day.

Note: Team CrazyClub doesn’t confirm authenticity of that video whether it’s true or fake.

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